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YU started sail of “Glocal University” Let’s become the light of the local era! N

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  • Date : 2024.01.19 13:32
  • Publication Date : 2024.01.04
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Declared “Glocal University to go with the region through great innovation”

On the 19th of last month, “Glocal University Declaration Ceremony” was held to go with the region through great innovation.

About 400 persons from YU and Yeungnam College of Technology, local companies, and related organizations attended.

[January 04, 2024]


YU (President CHOI Oe-chool)
 took the first step to lead the local era with great innovation.

YU held “Glocal University Declaration Ceremony” at the Daegu Inter-Burgo Hotel Convention Hall on the 19th of last month.About 400 persons including President CHOI Oe-chool of YU, Director BAE Cheol-ho of Glocal Promotion, key faculty members, and President LEE Jae-yong and assigned faculty members of YU College of Technology, local companies, and related organizations made a decision to select Glocal University 30 Project.

At the Glocal University Declaration Ceremony on this day, YU announced a plan to play a central role in university innovation, regional development, and cooperation between industry, academia, research institutes, and government under the slogan under a slogan, “Glocal University to go with the region through great innovation.”For the Glocal University 30 Project, YU plans to develop into a university to cultivate customized innovative talent that will lead local future industries by implementing three projects consisting of
 ▲ Construction of a Glocal innovation platform integrated with industry, academia, and government, ▲ Great conversion into hyper-school and hyper-convergence education, and ▲Great leap forward win-win cooperation-type local communities, creating local future industries.
Also, YU plans to cultivate excellent talents and cultivate an innovative model for local development through integration with YU College of Technology equipped with the highest-level educational capability to represent professional colleges in the country.

YU is leading next generation new growth fields, cultivation of excellent talents in regional industries, and enhancement of competitiveness of local companies by successfully implementing large scale national support projects with participation of local key organizations and companies through local government-university cooperative regional innovation project (RIS Project), LINC3.0 Project, and software (SW) focused university projects. In addition, YU has achieved remarkable growth in the global field through academic exchanges, joint research, and student dispatch by concluding international academic exchange agreements with 517 foreign universities and institutions in 61 countries around the world and, as a result, it ranked 1st in Korea for 9 consecutive years in mathematics and computer science (44th in the world, 12th in Asia) in Leiden Ranking and was upgraded in Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings (up from 801-1,000 to 601-800).

YU is also leading global social contribution.YU Park Chung-hee Graduate School of Saemaul has enrolled over 860 people from 73 countries around the world in master's programs, and over 4,000 foreign civil servants and experts from over 80 countries, including short-term Saemaul Undong Training, are playing important roles in the local area through training and education.Through this process, Korea's development experience and Saemaul Undong are dispersed and a role is played to discover overseas markets for local companies and to be a bridge for public diplomacy.It shows the status of a globcal university that expands to the world beyond establishing and implementing a win-win system with the region.

President CHOI Oe-chool of YU said, “I am deeply grateful to all university and corporate officials who attended the Glocal University Declaration Ceremony. The causes of today's crisis of the regions and universities are complex and intertwined. Based on the competitiveness that YU has built, we will gather everyone’s passion and will toward the new goal to become a Glocal university. We will improve the capabilities of young people through various cooperative methods, such as integration with Yeungnam Technical University, which is affiliated with the same corporation and has high competitiveness. By doing so, we will create an exemplary innovative model for a university that will contribute in national development and the common prosperity of the international community.