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“YU Saemaul Alumni Power!” in foreign countries, too, establishment of Ethiopian Alumni Association N

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  • Date : 2024.02.01 17:42
  • Publication Date : 2024.01.25
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Ethiopian graduates from Park Chung-hee Graduate School of Saemaul established a local alumni association

Active in various fields in Ethiopia, including international organizations (Food and Agriculture Organization: FAO), central government, universities, national institutions, and NGOs

YU Global Studies Project Team visited Ethiopia and made exchange and cooperation activities with Ethiopia

[January 25, 2024]

The alumni power of YU (President CHOI Oe-chool) is seen in domestic societies and is also seen in foreign countries, too.

An alumni association consisting of Ethiopian graduates from YU Park Chung-hee Graduate School of Saemaul established an alumni association.On the afternoon of January 13th, 14 Ethiopian alumni of YU acting in various fields in Ethiopia gathered at Ethiopian Best Western Plus Addis Ababa Hotel.They attended the “YU Ethiopian Alumni Association Launch” event. From October 2013 to February 2022, 37 Ethiopian graduates were produced by Park Chung-hee Graduate School of Saemaul and are leading development of Ethiopia in international organizations, Ethiopian central and local governments, universities, major national institutions, public enterprises, and NGOs.

<Demeke Atlaw Melke (graduated in 2013), first chairman of Ethiopian Alumni Association>

Demeke Atlaw Melke (graduated in 2013), who is currently working at the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of UN, was elected as the first alumni chairman.The vice president is Ashik Bedru Mohammed (graduated in 2016) who works at the Environmental Protection Agency of the Central Government of Ethiopia and the secretary is Tsegaye Engida Teklemedhin (graduated in 2017) who works at the Irish Embassy; experts and leaders of various Ethiopian fields participate in the association and are expected to play core roles for regional development of Ethiopia.

Chairman Demek Atro Melke of the alumni association said, “I am happy and honored to be elected as the first chairman of the Ethiopian alumni association of YU Park Chung-hee Graduate School of Saemaul. I am deeply grateful to the Republic of Korea and YU for their interest and support for the development of Ethiopia. Especially, I am grateful to President CHOI Oe-chool of Yfor playing a big role in transfer of Saemaul Undong and Saemaul Studies to Ethiopia and supporting YU visiting team programs and formation of the alumni association.” and handed over a gift embroidered in Amharic, the official language of Ethiopia.

Ethiopian local interest and response to establishment of the alumni association of YU Park Chung-hee Graduate School of Saemaul is hot.Ethiopian National Broadcasting Corporation (EBS: Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation) and major newspapers (Ethiopian Herald) covered the event, showing their expectations for the performance of YU alumni in the local community.

At the alumni meeting on this day, key university officials, including SEO Yong-won (YU Dean of International Studies) and JEONG Jin-young (head of the Husta Water Industry Innovation University Project) also participated.Dean LEE Byeong-wan of Park Chung-hee Graduate School of Saemaul said in a video, “The performances of YU graduates all over the world are remarkable. We expect YU alumni to play a leading role in the development of Ethiopia. I hope that the alumni association will continue to exchange with our alma mater and become a focal point for mutual development between the two countries.”

Since the establishment of YU Park Chung-hee Graduate School of Saemaul in 2011, 868 students from 73 countries were enrolled and 765 students from 67 countries received master's degrees such as “Saemaul Studies” and they are working in central ministries, public institutions, and international development NGOs in their countries. The graduates are leading change and development in their own countries and also building global networks to discover new overseas markets and serve as the bridge for public diplomacy.

<Photos of local activities by YU Global Study Project Team>

Meanwhile, YU Global Study Project Team consisting of 20 YU faculty and staff visited Ethiopia, which pas participated in the Korean War, for 9 days from the 7th to the 15th. This project team returned after making such activities as ▲ Discussions on exchanges and cooperation with Ethiopia's first university, Addis Ababa University, Addis Ababa Science and Technology, and Adama Science and Technology, ▲ Investigation of local ODA project cases, and ▲ Activities for exchanges and cooperation with Ethiopia including visit of KOICA, KOTRA, and the Korean Embassy.

YU President CHOI Oe-chool said, “Ethiopia is the most active country in the African region to adopt Saemaul Undong by requesting transfer of education, researches, and operation know-how to YU for localization of Saemaul Undong in the governments, states, and universities. I congratulate establishment of Ethiopian Alumni Association by the graduates from Park Chung-hee Graduate School of Saemaul and hope that the establishment of YU Alumni Association and visit by the project team will become the foundation for development of Ethiopia which participated in the Korean War in spite of no diplomatic relations with Korea and improvement of friendship between both countries.”