Special Graduate Schools


The Graduate School of Public Administration (GSPA) was established in November 1987 to provide educational preparation for academic and public service career, to foster outstanding teaching and research activities to public affairs, and to assist in the continuing professional development of government executives.

The GSPA is comprised of the Departments of Public Administration, Local Autonomy, Regional Development, Social Welfare Administration, and has an enhanced interdisciplinary approach to its public policy mission.

The GSPA offers a Master's Program in four specialized fields of public affairs :

  • 1) Public Administration,
  • 2) Local Autonomy,
  • 3) Social Welfare Administration,
  • 4) Regional Development.

Length of Programs

The Master's program normally extends over five academic semesters, including at least four semesters of course work plus an additional one semester for dissertation or research paper.


Candidates for admission to the Master's program must meet the admission requirements for the university and of the GSPA. Persons holding a Bachelor's degree awarded by a college or equivalent as accredited by the Ministery of Education are eligible to apply. Admission will be reviewed and granted through the entrance examination which includes oral and/or written tests concerning major topics and issues in the public sector.


Application to admission will be accepted in November/December. For more information check the website of the GSPA(

Degree and Certificate

Students enrolled in the master program having satisfied all the requirements are awarded the degrees of Master of Public Administration in Public Administration, Local Autonomy, and Regional Development, Master of Social Welfare in Social Welfare Administration.

Course of Instruction

The minimum requirements of 24 credit hours for the Master's degree are met by completing at least one or two basic foundation course. The Master's comprehensive examination will be taken during the semester. The examination is scheduled will be announced during semester.