Special Graduate Schools


The school was opened on July 28, 1992 to promote research in advanced scientific technology, to provide technical cooperation with local industries, and to educate technologists and managers so as to develop creative ability in research and to contribute to the nation as well as to the local area.

It offers master degree and certificate programs in eight fields; mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, Department of Fashion Industry, civil engineering, architectural engineering, urban engineering, computer and communication engineering, and industrial safety.
Classes are held in the evening. The enrollment quota for the master program is 40. Foreign students are not governed by the quota.

Length of Programs and Residence

Master programs normally extend over 5 semesters and the student residence is limited to 8 semesters.


Persons holding bachelor degree awarded by a Korean colleges or equivalent as accredited by the Ministry of Education are eligible to apply.
Admission is granted through examinations which include a written test of major topics, an oral test, and a physical examination.
The written test can be excluded in cases of special admission.


Recruiting is made biannually in December for the spring semester (March-August) and in July for the fall semester (September-February). The applicants must submit the following materials with the application fee to the school; Application form (supplied by the school), previously completed certificate of degree conferred or expected, or equivalent recommendation by the head of the Alma Mater and advisor. Written permission by the employer for class attendance in case which the applicant is employed.

Official transcript of previous academic work, photos(4x5cm), taken within three months of the date of application, recommendation by head of the department and career certificate of the applicant in case of special admission.

Degree and Certificate

Students enrolled in master programs and having satisfied all the requirements are awarded the master degrees of engineering.
A certificate of appropriate field is issued to the student enrolled in certificate programs upon graduation.

Course of Instruction

All courses carry 2 credit points each.