Special Graduate Schools


Graduate School of Sports Science at Yeungnam University offering a master's degree was founded in March, 2004.

For the people who earned bachelor's degree from sport-related areas, who work in the related fields, or who are interested in the areas, this graduate program is designed to provide new learning and researching experiences in order to fulfill the purpose of the life-long education. The uniqueness and the expertise of the Graduate School of Sports Science has been providing a variety of opportunities both in practice and education.

Education Objectives

Graduate courses of the Graduate School of Sports Science contribute to the development of Sports Science by the collaboration of Exercise Science and Sports Management. Also, the Graduate School of Sports Science pursues mutual cooperation with Graduate School, Graduate School of Education, School of Kinesiology, and Department of Special Physical Education. By having these cooperative academic environment, it becomes possible to examine and interpret various social and bio-physical phenomena in sport respectably.

The Graduate School of Sports Science is working to fulfill the following objectives to achieve :

  1. to train quality personnel in sport industries,
  2. to establish academic theories in sport,
  3. to promote local community sports/fitness programs and services,
  4. to contribute the collaborations between academics and practices in sports.

Length of Programs and Residence

Students in Graduate School of Sports Science are normally expected to complete their degree programs in 5 academic terms (semesters) from the areas of Sport Management and Exercise Science.


The Graduate School of Sports Science has established the following minimum qualifications for admission.

  1. Applicants must hold a baccalaureate from an accredited Korean or a foreign college/university; or an official document of the equivalent to be eligible for admission as accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Korea.
  2. Applicants must submit to the Graduate School of Sports Science official transcripts covering all your previous academic work, undergraduate course works.
  3. Followed application document inspection, interview and oral test will be made for admission to the Graduate School of Sports Science.


Applicants can apply to the Graduate School of Sports Science regardless any previous or undergraduate major. The followings must be included for admission process.

  1. completed application documents
  2. undergraduate transcript
  3. plan of study

Degree and Certificate

Programs of the Graduate School of Sports Science lead to the degree of Master in Physical Education. Each master's candidate must earn a minimum of 24 credit hours of graduate courses with thesis credits or a minimum of 27 credit hours with graduate report in 5 semesters normally. After completing a program of the Graduate School of Sports Science, qualification for entering a doctorate program of the graduate school will be conferred.